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How To Make a Fun Kaleidoscope

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This is Mandy from Little Birdie Secrets, and we're so excited to be a part of Skip To My Lou's craft camp.  
Children are very curious, so this is a cool craft that can also be a physics lesson.

Supplies for DIY Kaleidoscope

*Plastic report cover (mine came in a pack of 6, which will make at least 12 kaleidoscopes!)
*Empty paper towel tube (toilet paper rolls are too short!)
*Plastic wrap
*Wax paper
*Shiny objects (transparent are best--beads, plastic confetti, etc.)
*Paper cutter
*1/4" hole punch
*Rubber band
*Pencil, scissors, tape
*Patterned paper or construction paper

How to make a kaleidoscope

1. Cut a piece of report cover 11" x 5". Measure and score a line at 1 3/8". I used my paper cutter to make a perfect score line.
Score another line 1 3/8" from the first line, and another at 1 3/8" from that line. Then cut the end off 1/2" from that line. Your plastic should look like this.

2. Fold your plastic into a triangular shape, using the 1/2" section to overlap. Tape down the flap to secure your triangular tube.
3. Trace one end of your paper towel tube on your patterned paper or card stock. Cut it out.
Punch a hole in the middle of it.
Tape it onto one end of your paper towel roll.
4. Insert your triangle into your paper towel roll.
5. Cover the other end with a square of plastic wrap. Push the plastic wrap inside the triangle to create a shallow cup.

6. Collect shiny beads, shapes, buttons, etc.  Transparent objects work best.
Fill your cup with shiny objects.
7. Cover the end with a square of wax paper. Secure with a rubber band.
8. Cover the tube with patterned paper or colored construction paper. Secure with tape.
Hold your kaleidoscope up to the light and turn to see different shapes and colors dance before your eyes! Then have a good talk about how light reflects off the sides of the triangle and they'll be learning, too. 

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