Sunday, July 3, 2011

Easy Dish Towel Apron

by Factory Direct Craft
You can make a quick and easy dish towel apron for the little one in your life. This pattern is sooo easy and requires little materials. You could make this time in no time if you are in need of a simple gift; wrap it up, add some cookie cutters and little utensils and you are good to go! 
Now the little ones can wear a fun stylish apron just like mom!
Photo Credits (above): So Bella Boutique
Things you need
A Dish Towel (of your choice; two if you would like to add pockets and such)
Ribbon (that coordinates with the dish towel)
Things to do
1. Lay your dish towel down vertically. Depending on the size of your little one, you may need to cut the towel in half horizontally. Lay your dish towel so the longest edges run horizontally and cut it vertically up the middle.
2. Cut the top two corners off but leave enough room so that you can later fold a bit over and create a channel for your ribbon to go through.
3. Next, if you know about folding and sewing hems, you can fold the cut edges of the corners under and press it with an iron. Then, fold the fabric and sew along the hem to create the channel.
Note: If you had to cut your dish towel in half, be sure to sew a hem on the cut side as well. Just watch that you don’t sew up the opening for the channel.
4. Cut your length of ribbon (this will take some trial and error to figure the perfect length you are wanting) and thread your ribbon up through one side of the dish towel apron and down through the other side to create a neck hole and two ties that reach around back. Since we thread the ribbon this way it makes the apron adjustable in size, so the little one could wear it from tot age until about 5-6 years of age, if not longer.
5. Finally, time to adorn your apron! You could cut up another dish towel to create pockets and sew them on. You could create one small pocket and center it toward the top or create a multi-pouched pocket along the bottom. You could also monogram initials with embroidery, add patches, sew/iron on a cute applique, or sew lace around the edges for a more dramatic look.

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