Sunday, July 17, 2011

Doll’s Hooded Towel

by Candace at Sparkle Power
This little doll towel / blanket has a hood & a velcro closure to keep it from falling off.
To make the blanket you'll need 2 - 15" square pieces of fabric.
One triangle piece of fabric (When cutting, line this fabric up with one corner of your square piece, measure 8" on each side & then draw a line to connect them making the bottom line of the triangle).
Double fold bias tape & some velcro.

I am giving you measurements for a larger triangle piece than I used. I think it will stay on the baby's head a bit better. :) Pin bias tape to the long edge of the triangle.

Sew the bias tape on & trim it flush with the triangle edges.
Arrange your fabric pieces like so...Outside piece right side down, lining piece right side up, triangle piece in one corner facing right side up. Pin the pieces together.

Using a bowl & fabric marker, draw rounded corners on all four corners.
Cut the rounded corners.

Starting at an edge opposite the triangle piece, start pinning bias tape all the way around.

Where the ends meet, cut the top piece just a little bit longer, fold it under & overlap it on the starting end & pin.
Sew all the way around to attach the seam binding. Pin velcro in place as shown below. You may want to test the blanket out on your doll at this point. You can place the velcro further in from the corners for a more snug fit if you'd like. Sew around the velcro pieces & trim your threads.
And there you have it! A quick little hooded baby doll blanket your kids are sure to love.

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