Friday, October 13, 2017

Spilling Halloween Candy Feature

Spilling Halloween Candy Feature
by Fay

Here is a fun and easy project to make for Halloween. Great as a decoration or to use when children come knocking.

Make sure to click below to see the whole tutorial.

Now of course you can use what you have around the house. This is what I did. 

I also used Blu Tac where as Hot Glue would provide a stronger and longer lasting attachment to all the parts.

Here are just some of the candy I used. 

To secure the Pumpkin Head to the Cauldron, I bought a bendable metal strap from the hardware store. You could also use a fork that you no longer need and bend that to the angle required. 

Use tac or glue to secure strap to pumpkin head and also to the inside base and the side of the cauldron. Bend strap as needed to get the desired angle so that all items are balanced. 

I wanted to fill out the cauldron so I added orange Tulle. If you have lots of candy then you can leave this part out but it does add to the overall look of the piece.

Once again use either the Tac or glue to attach Candy (make sure they are individually wrapped) to the metal strap. Fill the Cauldron with Candy.

And to finish off, fill the pumpkin head with more candy so that it looks like it is spilling out of the pumpkin and into the cauldron.
Have fun making this and I would love to see what you create.

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