Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Easy to Crochet a Girls Bolero

Easy To Crochet a Girls Bolero


I found this cute Bolero pattern on FaveCrafts which states it is a Patons pattern. Even though this is an easy item to make, the pattern is flawed. I have found that it has missing instructions and sections without endings. It was fine until I got to the Sleeves, Edging and Construction sections.

I did search online to try to find the correct pattern but this was the only website I could find it on. 

So, I decided to go ahead and make this cute Bolero for a special little girl in my life. I will give you the instructions that I think are missing plus provide photos.

This pattern covers girls sizes 2yrs to 10yrs. 

Here is the link for the main pattern Click HERE
Below (click on link below this line) are photos of the Bolero I made and corrects to what I found.

The Bolero I made I used the smallest size instructions on the Pattern and also used yarn that I already had.

In the photo you will see stitch markers. This is not essential. 

Starting the sleeve.
It is here that I found the first mistake in the pattern. In the instructions for the sleeve for the 5th row, you will find it states "Cont even until work from Beg mearsures 51.5ins (14cms)". First of all the sentence does not make sense, also 51.5ins = 4ft 3.5ins which is just ridiculous. I made mine to 15cm. 

Instead of sewing thread I used tapestry cotton to sew up the seams. You can try to crochet them together but it did not work neatly for me.

Pin the sleeves to the armhole of main body of Bolero.

I could not understand the instructions for making the edge band so I made up my own.. I started the edging in the middle of the back piece.

For the edging I used a size 4mm crochet hook as per instructions. On the main body I crocheted *5DC into 1 stitch hole, missed a stitch, 1 single chain stitch in the next stitch hole*. Repeat all the way around the main body.

On the sleeve, I still used size 4mm crochet hook but crocheted 3DC instead of 5 as on the main body. Use same instructions and crochet around wrist band. 

Enjoy making yours and I would love it if you would share photos in the comments of your finished Bolero.

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