Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunny Macarons

Bunny Macarons Tutorial
by Fay at The Useless Cook
This is my very first attempt at making Macarons. They have become so popular and so I thought I would have a go making some for easter. Now, I have to admit that I used Bakels Macaron Mix and I found it to be super easy with clear instructions. If you would like to make the Bunny Macarons using fresh egg whites, then there are numerous recipes available online.
 First I selected a baking tray.
 I wanted the Silicone Baking Paper to fit in the tray so I placed the tray onto of the paper, traced around the tray and cut it out.
Make circles on the baking paper so you know the size of each macaron. I found a pencil sharpener to trace.
 It is best to use gel food dye.
Prepare your piping bags. I like to use disposable bags and used a large hole for the main macarons and a thinner hole for the ears.
 Prepare the mix according to instructions or recipe. Add food colouring to create the desired effect.

Fill the piping bag.
Make sure to turn the baking paper over so that the circles are on the underside as you so not want the pen ink to mix with your food. Hold the bag upright and gently squeeze until each drawn circle is filled.

 Using the thin noozle, pipe the ears.
Make equal amounts of circles with ears (the front) and plain circles (the back).
Use a toothpick to burst any air bubbles.
Before baking I placed edible silver balls in the middle for the front pieces as the nose.

 Then baked as per instructions
 Using edible ink pens, I drew the whiskers and two dots for eyes and eyebrows
 I also used the Fluff as a glue for the tail.
Using a toothpick I placed a small dab on the back part of the macarons
 And then stuck a mini marshmallow on as the tail

To create the filling, I melted chocolate and mixed in Marshmallow Fluff. I can't give you exact mearsurements as I mixed them together until I was happy with the thickness.


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