Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Balloon Tutorial

Halloween Balloons
by Make Things For Kids
Super, super, super easy Halloween Balloon Decoration Tutorial. Now, these balloons would look even more fabulous if they were filled with helium and were floating around. As I didn't have any helium, I just air filled my cute scary balloons.

So, now for the free tutorial and scary face template see below.

I bought ordinary balloons but if you will be using helium then you need to buy helium balloons. I also bought balloon stems so I could make a centrepiece with the balloons.

Print out the scary face templates. Click HERE.

  You will need scissors and glue.

Cut out each of the face parts. For the "B" and "mouth" I used a hole punch to make small holes.

I inserted the stem into a roll of kitchen paper to help keep the balloon steady while I glued the face pieces onto the balloons.

For this project I found that a glue stick worked better then other types of glue.

There is no right or wrong way where to place the face pieces.

I placed my decoration on the hallway table.
 Click HERE for the "BOO" Bling Candle Tutorial.

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